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Law on Capacities and Persons

Your notary is the ideal person to listen to your needs at each stage of your life. We understand that our clients are personally affected by these events and we take care to advise them with particular respect and attention.

  • Marirage and marriage contracts
  • Agreement between de facto spouses
  • Settlement of successions
  • Will and mandate in case of incapacity
  • Fiduciary will
  • Probate of mandates/wills and opening a regime of protection
Me Geneviève Godin Mtre Geneviève Godin, LL.B. D.D.N. 2002 graduated as a notary in 2002. With her warm heart and attentive ear, she can comfort and guide you in unhappy times. She practices law on capacities and persons, estate law of succession, and non-contentious matters (incapacity, tutorship, curatorship. In happier times, she even performs civil marriages in our offices, and anywhere in Québec!
Me Jaime Lerakis Mtre Jaime Lerakis, LL.B. D.D.N. 2006 joined the Dumais & Giard team to do her pre-admission internship in 2006. Since then, she has been responsible for commercial and residential transactions. She also works in the field of protection of individuals: drafting fiduciary and other wills, protective mandates in case of incapacity, estate settlement and non-contentious matters. She performs civil marriages, adapting the ceremony to suit each couple.
Me Marcella De Piano Mtre Marcella De Piano, LL.B. D.D.N. 2012  was admitted to the notarial practice in 2012. Having obtained her Bachelor of Civil Law (LL.B.) degree and her Diploma of Notarial Law (D.D.N.) from the University of Montreal, Mtre De Piano completed her pre-licensing internship with the notarial study Dumais & Giard in 2012. Her practice focuses primarily on estate settlement, non-contentious proceedings such as probate, institution of protective supervision and homologation of mandates in the anticipation of incapacity, and corporate law. She is proficient in English, French, and Italian.